Sister Rene: Making a Difference

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For the past 50 years, Sister Rene Procopio has dedicated her life to serving others through education and ministry. Since 2001, Sister Rene has made her loves of teaching and ministry the driving force behind the Mooncrest community’s children’s programs.
Some consider Sister’s role educational, others call it an act of leadership. To Sister, she is simply happy. “From the time I was little, I always wanted to be happy like the Felician sisters,” she recalled with tears of joy in her eyes.
The 68-year-old Felician explained that even at a young age, she wanted to enter into religious life. When it came time to enter high school at the age of 13, she left her home in Mt. Carmel, Pennsylvania, and enrolled at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart High School (OLSH) in Coraopolis. After graduation, there
was no turning back for the young, compassionate Catholic; she entered OLSH’s convent and became a member of the order five years later.
Since entering the religious life five decades ago, Sister says she can’t imagine living her life any other way. Although each day brings a new challenge – whether working with a child who is struggling in school or at home, or trying to accommodate the many volunteers at the Mooncrest community center — Sister Rene embraces each moment as an opportunity to be of service to others. (more)

Help for Haiti

5128The Bishop Ahr High School Community presented a check in the amount of $500 to Felician Sisters Marilyn Marie Minter ’74 and Mary Inga Borko on Tuesday, February 26, for their work with the poverty-stricken residents of a village in Haiti.

The sisters visited Bishop George Ahr High School in Edison, NJ, to thank the students and faculty for their financial and spiritual support. Sister Marilyn and Sister Inga work among the people of Jacmel, a Haitian town devastated by the 2010 earthquake.

The money collected will be used to educate disadvantaged children in Haiti. Sister Marilyn said young people need money to pay for school, since it is not a free service provided by the government. “They also need money for decent shoes, clothes and supplies so they’re equipped to attend school,” she said

The sisters wanted to visit Bishop Ahr to thank community members and give them a first-hand account of their work in Haiti. “Everyone is so involved and supportive of our mission,” Sister Marilyn said.

S Cynthia Marie Babyak, Bishop Ahr’s campus minister, said “One dime, like one loaf or one fish, may not feed a lot of people, but when a community comes together, dimes can multiply and then we can make a difference for some.”

The Bishop Ahr Community continues their “Dime a Day” project throughout the season of Lent and will donate the rest of what is collected to the Felician Sisters Haiti Mission.

“CHANGE” the World Project

Thirty-eight  Bishop Ahr High School students, along with campus minister S Cynthia Marie Babyak, Deacon Rich and Mrs. Lynne Braine, bagged lunches for the Christian Social Action Club’s  “CHANGE” the World Project on Tuesday, February 26.

According to Sister Cynthia, those who participated really felt like they helped in their own small way to “change” the life of the poor.

“Listen to Him”

111S Marilyn Ann Dudek, principal of Annunciation School, presented a reflection on the Transfiguration from Luke 9:28-36. She said the words “Listen to Him” were important for her to ponder.

Although the words seem so easy, in reality, Sister Marilyn remarked, they are quite difficult. Sister reflected that the Gospel reminds her “to pray, to sit in quiet and listen to Jesus speak. When I think of sitting in the sun, our skin shows the results–a tan or a burn. We soak in the warmth and rays of the sun and our face is transformed. In prayer, we bask in the presence of God, and our face, our life, is transformed as well. We take time to pray, maybe not on a mountain, but maybe in a church, in a chapel, in our room, in a place that is close to God’s creation.”