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and see why these sisters make a difference in the lives of our future leaders.

Sr. M. Brendan Bogdan- Mission, Outreach
Sr. Victoria Richardson – Program Coordinator
Sr. M Camille Bena- Receptionist

Academics are just part of the St. Joseph mission.
Any school should be able to teach your child how to read and write. At St. Joseph we strive for more: to be a resource that supports our children not just academically but emotionally, socially and spiritually. St. Joseph is a place where not just our children, but our families, can turn for education, resources, compassionate support and a listening ear.



Sisters recognized by St. Stan’s Polish School included (from L to R): SM Clare Haladyn, SM Alfonsa Kunicka, SM Alice Kwiecien, SM Michelle Godin, SM Archangela Bojarczuk and SM Teresa Mielech

The Polish School of St. Stanislaus Kostka Parish in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, celebrated the 100th anniversary of the teaching of Polish language, catechism, history and Polish heritage on Sunday, February 9.

The solemn Mass of Thanksgiving was celebrated by main celebrant, Father Kowal, OMI, provincial councilor representing the provincial, Father Marian Gil, with other Oblate priests as concelebrants: Father Miroslaw Olszewski,  Father J. Nowsowicz, Father R. Kosian, and Father Wadolowski.

Many past and present students and teachers, families, parishioners, and a number of the Felician Sisters from Mississauga and Toronto were in attendance.

Special recognition and gratitude were extended to the Felician Sisters who worked and continue to work in the parish. Since 1937, the Sisters have worked in the areas of social work with the Polish immigrants, teaching of religion, pastoral work, sharing opłatek (wafer) and Ave Maria magazine, teaching music including the piano, organ, violin, and singing, and decorating the church.

During that time, approximately 50 Felician Sisters from Buffalo, NY, and Canada served in the parish. SM Alfonsa Kunicka, SM Archangela Bojarczuk, SM Alice Kwiecien, and SM Clare Haladyn received honourable mention for their many, many years of service teaching in the Polish School as well as religion. They also received a special certificate of recognition from the Oblate Fathers.

Each sister in attendance received a jubilee book with pictures dating back to 1937 as well as a framed diploma from St. Stanislaus Parish for the teaching of religion and Polish School.

S Jane Mary Gawlik was the featured guest on Catholicism Live! on Wednesday evening, February 12.

7090During the hour-long program which airs live each Wednesday evening from 8-9 p.m. in the San Antonio, TX, area, Angela Sealana interviewed Sister Jane on the topic “Where Is God Calling Me?”

Sister Jane serves as the associate vocation director for the Archdiocese of San Antonio, a position she has held for the past seven years.

Sister Jane spoke briefly about the history of the Felician Sisters and their ministries. She said, “The key thing for a community is having ministries that reflect the needs of the time.” She pointed to the sisters in North America who are engaged in the work of social justice.

She also spoke about her ministry in the Vocation Office and said she “couldn’t think about anything else she would rather do.”

On the topic of vocations, she emphasized the fact that God wants us to be happy and spoke about the importance of the process of discernment as well as spiritual direction, the place of faith and trust in God, and nourishing life – in whatever vocation you are – with prayer.

Sister Jane described vocation programs underway in the archdiocese of San Antonio such as “Come and See” weekends and “Nun Run.”

She also spoke about a recent goal the archdiocese established for itself: to enroll 20-24 new seminarians by August 31, 2015. While the archdiocese has received five new seminarians since establishing this goal, Sister Jane admits that she has “her work cut out for her.” She added, “We’re on our way, but we need some help.”

Before the program concluded, Sister Jane also shared about resources the archdiocese provides to men and women discerning a vocation.

Catholicism Live! is a Catholic evangelization ministry that helps viewers know, live, and share their faith with others. It is produced by the Pilgrim Center of Hope and has more than 330,000 Time Warner Cable basic level subscribers.