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Living Memorial

Sister Florentine Honored with Living Memorial

On Wednesday, July 30, the day before the opening of the Chapter of Mats, the sisters from Our Lady of the Angels Convent and Care Center in Enfield, CT, along with staff and volunteers, boarded the bus and headed off to a relaxing day in the sun at the Goshen Cottage located on Hammond Pond in Goshen, MA.

Upon arrival, each sister staked out her turf and made herself comfortable.

The day began with a prayer service and the planting of a tree in memory of SM Florentine Myjak who passed away in November of 2013. Sister Florentine, who served as provincial treasurer from 1984-2009, loved the Goshen Cottage and was instrumental in seeing that the lower level of the cottage was handicapped accessible so all of the sisters could take advantage of the house and its lovely setting on the pond.

A Stewartia dogwood tree was chosen for the memorial because it blooms at the end of June (Sister Florentine’s birthday was June 30), with beautiful camellia-like blossoms. During the service, sisters who were able to, placed a shovelful of earth around the tree and an extra shovelful for those who were unable to do so.yyy

Following the service, the sisters enjoyed swimming, kayaking and each other’s company as well as typical picnic fare.

S Nancy Marie Piecewicz said, “No outing would be complete without a stop at the ‘shrine’ for ice cream!” She added, “Everyone enjoyed a full day.”

Faith Acts Group

Pastor Nathan Saccol and volunteers from the Faith Acts Group returned to the Mooncrest (PA) Community Center to serve a second potluck dinner on Saturday, July 26.

The Mooncrest Felician Sisters and staff joined the Faith Acts Group to help make this Potluck Event a truly lucky one. SM Clarence Borkoski made certain that all ran smoothly and SM Thaddea supervised the game time.

The Mooncrest residents dined on tacos, macaroni salad, potato salad, jello, fresh fruit and assorted cold drinks with plenty of desserts. The residents brought watermelon, deviled eggs and frozen fruit cubes.

According to SM Rene Procopio, director, the gathering of 14 families from Mooncrest with a total of 54 adults and children was most important. She said, “It was truly heartwarming to see so many families join in a spirit of good community.”

As people lined up to get their food and were escorted to their places in the Community Center, Sister Rene became the official photographer for the event. She said people were very happy to see all the photos on the walls taken by Mooncrest’s wonderful photographer Paul Marcucci as well as the artwork of the children. “The spirit was hearty and enjoyable.”

During dinner, Glenna Wilson from SAFE ACTS provided a brief synopsis of the future parenting sessions that will be conducted at the Mooncrest Community Center. Representatives from Assurance Wireless were also on hand to inform residents about the process of acquiring a free phone.

Following dinner, families remained to play board games together.

Sister Rene said, “Once again The Faith Acts Group was a perfect picture of faith in action.”

The next potluck dinner is scheduled for Saturday, August 23.

Selfless volunteers at St. Felix Pantry, Inc.

After seeing a story on the local news, Daniel’s Family Funeral Services on Southern Boulevard in Rio Rancho, NM, wanted to do something special for the selfless volunteers at St. Felix Pantry, Inc., who donate countless numbers of hours in order to help feed the hungry in Sandoval County.

“They bought all 100 volunteers lunch! It doesn’t get any better than that,” said Manuel Casias, vice president of development for the Pantry.  Daniel’s Family Funeral Services hosted a very nice luncheon to thank the incredible volunteers for making a tremendous difference in the lives of so many people.

Casias continued, “All of our faithful volunteers were invited to attend this luncheon.” Director Steve Simko said, “We want to thank you for your amazing contributions and dedication to the Sandoval community!”