We’d like you to meet Francine and her family!

Felician Sisters Haiti

Francine is a young mother of two boys. Her husband is dead, and she is illiterate. Francine works in a restaurant 12 hours a day, 18 hours on Saturday. She earns $50 a month. She is not able to pay her rent nor send her kids to school. They live near us in a shack with one bed for the three of them. Francine is allowed to eat in the restaurant, but her kids eat in our Manman Angela Kitchen. She is very depressed. Both of her boys failed to pass school last year, and she is not able to help them. They participate in our Pay-it-Forward Program. The boys are dirty and do not have clean clothes. They often ask us for soap. We try to help them as much as we can. Now Fenol, the oldest of the two boys, is doing well in school. He is second…

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