Laredo Pro-Life Rosary Walk

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Laredo, TX, words of Mary’s Salutation and shuffling feet could be heard on the wind as several hundred people walked 1.4 miles to beg mercy on human life at all stages from conception to natural death.

The Twenty-third Annual Laredo Pro-Life Rosary Walk, sponsored by the Diocese of Laredo, wove its way from Our Lady of Guadalupe Church and back again, culminating with a prayer service.

S Christina Marie Conroy, CSSF was one of the readers for the service. Many of St. Augustine School teachers and students participated


The Felician Associates

The Felician Associates of Central New York gathered at Sacred Heart Convent in Syracuse on Sunday, January 31, to make sandwiches for the men who come to the Men’s Shelter in downtown Syracuse.

The shelter is run by Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Syracuse. Joining the group of associates were SM Melanie Jaworski, coordinator for the Syracuse area; the priests of the parish, Father Andrew Baranski, pastor, and Father Sanislaus Kardas; as well as the granddaughter of an associate.

After making the sandwiches, the group took them to the shelter where they were served by the peanut butter and jelly sandwich makers.

Sister Melanie said, “It was a good experience as we celebrate the Year of Mercy to get a better view of the needs and gratitude of the homeless.” An associate remarked, “What a good way to spen