Sister Mary Marcia Rydzewski, CSSF

An Idea for Retirement!
What does a sister do after a busy life as a science teacher, a medical technologist, and finally, a missionary to Kenya?
The answer to the question comes easy for Sister Mary Marcia Rydzewski, now a resident in Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Convent Care Center in Coraopolis, PA.
The answer?  “Continue to serve.”
And this she does in many small, often unobserved ways, but she has also found another way to help others in the process. She needlepoints.
When Sister first returned from years of service in Kenya, she tried her hand at needlepoint. The result? She got hooked!
Now that she is a resident of the care center, she has more time to give to this work and the results keep flowing.
When asked what she enjoys doing, Sister Marcia replies, “Come and see.”
Always ready with her next project, her work continues to bring smiles and enjoyment to all.

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