World Day of the Sick.

On Monday, February 12, a bright, sunny day in Western New York, the sisters and employees gathered in Alumnae Hall of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Convent Complex to commemorate gg
SM Nicolette Wichrowski, mission awareness coordinator, presided at the special prayer service while Trish McGowan, David Hokaj, and Lydia Rowe, members of the Mission Awareness Team, proclaimed the readings.
At the end of the prayer service, employees were invited to come forward to have their hands blessed, a gesture symbolic of the service they give to the sisters.
S Paul Marie Baczkowski and SM Lorianne Tylczynski, local ministers of the central convent and care center respectively, anointed the hands of the employees.  As a small token of appreciation, each employee received a silver cross bookmark.
Everyone enjoyed the heart-shaped cookies
Refreshments consisting of beautifully decorated Valentine cookies and punch were available for everyone.  The cookies were provided by David Hokaj and Lydia Rowe as well as Personal Touch Food Services.
A “Have a Heart Mission Drive” began February 1, with the sale of red and white strawberry flavored lollipops, three for a dollar.  The sale netted $250 for the Sister Mary Josette Food Pantry which is part of Villa Maria College of Buffalo.  The remaining lollipops were donated to the Food Pantry for the children of the clients.
Sister Nicolette said, “It was a wonderful way to help service the poor in our area, as well as to show our appreciation to our employees for the constant love and care they provide for all of us.”

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