Felicians help provide freedom …

Felician Sisters and associates from Lodi, NJ, gathered with friends at the home of associate Toni Ann Russo in Clifton, NJ, to celebrate new life for Amina Nasser Abrams.
Eight years ago, in the crowded room of the ICE detention center in Newark, NJ , Amina, an asylee from Kenya, requested baptism into the Catholic Church.
SM Honorata Grzeszczuk, who was visiting a detainee from Poland, volunteered to be Amina’s godmother. Through the coordination of the Catholic prison ministers, Father Paul Nolan and SM Antonelle Chunka,  Amina was accepted into the Church; subsequently, with the help of the North American province of Felician Sisters,  she received a lawyer and her freedom.
During the ensuing years of struggle with the immigration courts, the sisters have continued to accompany Amina and her family with spiritual and material support.
Sister Antonelle noted that there was great joy at the baby shower hosted by associate Toni Ann on October 27 to welcome the coming of Amina’s fourth child — a baby girl. Amina and Jocelyn are the proud parents of three boys. On October 29, Jazzelle came into the world, happy and healthy.
“It’s been a long journey to establish a home and family in America,” said sister Antonelle, ” but with strong faith and prayer, Amina realized her dream”

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