Enfield Montessori School

Happy New Year from all at Enfield Montessori School to our Felician family and friends!

For those of you not familiar with our beautiful Enfield campus, we thought you might enjoy this photograph captured by a drone a few weeks ago.

Nestled in the Historic District of Enfield, CT, the campus sits among many old homes dating back to the mid-18th century. The Enfield Town Hall museum as well as one of the oldest Congregational churches in America can be found just to the north, while the Little Sisters of the Poor St. Joseph Residence for the elderly is just to thesouth.

In the center of the photograph is the beautiful chapel. Enfield Montessori School is the more rectangular building to the far right and behind that are the Felician Adult Day Center and St. Francis Residence. The Formation House is just visible through the trees.

The close proximity of all the buildings allows the families, children, and staff of the school to see and engage with the residents, sisters, and friars often.

Head of School Cliona Beaulieu said, “We wish you all ‘bird’s eye vision’ in your ministry and blessings in 2019.”

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