Felican Administration visit NW Territories

General Visitation continued in the Northwest Territories for SM Celestine Giertych, minister general, and S Margaret Marie Padilla, general councilor, as they reached another cold day, -34 degrees in Yellowknife, NT, to visit with SM Lee Przybylski.
Sister Lee lives in Trapper’s Lake Spirituality Centre which is the Centre used to facilitate leadership formation in the Diocese and to provide hospitality for persons who are coming and going to and from long distance areas of ministry of the Diocese of Mackenzie-Fort Smith.
Trapper’s Lake is also the residence of Bishop Mark Hagemoen and Bishop emeritus Denis Croteau. Sister Lee continues to minister as the secretary for Bishop Mark Hagemoen, is involved with Saint Vincent de Paul, gives hospitality at the Centre and takes Eucharist to the homebound.
Sister Margaret said, “We were blest to have daily Mass with Sister Lee and the bishops, to share delicious meals prepared one day by Bishop Croteau and the other days by Sister Lee. Sharing the meals together provided the time and the opportunity to hear about their various experiences of living and serving the people of the North who live in such cold temperatures in extended mission territory.”
Every day the sisters had the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the area. On Sunday, December 18, Sister Lee invited the sisters to visit several elders of the community, Jackie Smith and Maurice Mentel. Prior to giving communion to the elders, Sister Lee gave a short homily on the Gospel of the day.
th.jpgOne afternoon, Sister Celestine taught Sister Margaret how to use snowshoes. Sister Margaret proceeded to walk in them over the lake to a small island where she climbed to the top. On their last night, both Sister Celestine and Sister Margaret dressed warmly at midnight to go outside and adore God in His beauty of the mysterious, glorious Northern Lights!

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