Students Share Their Light

Enfield Montessori Students Share Their Light

The children and staff at the Enfield (CT) Montessori School celebrated the Liturgy of Light at the school yesterday, Easter Monday.

S Carol Marie Saladin’s Junior I students were responsible for the service.  As they processed into class singing the “Celtic Alleluia” to begin the service of light, they carried the items to prepare the prayer table.

Before hearing the Scripture account of the Resurrection, the children listened to the explanation of the markings on the Paschal candle. S Francine Mary Sousa and Sister Carol then sang a portion of the Exsultet.

The children then received their candles and placed them around the Paschal candle. Sister Carol said that as the children reflected on what this meant to them, they offered comments such as: “Jesus is the paschal candle and we are the smaller candles;” “Jesus is the big light and we are the little lights of Jesus;” and “There is so much warmth coming from the candles and Jesus is the warmth of our lives.”

The service concluded with singing “This Little Light of Mine.”